About Us

Four decades ago, Kendall Kikuyama, a 45-year veteran to the painting industry, first noticed an optical problem as he watched his uncle struggle with paint overspray in his eyes while spray painting.  Years ago, the good Lord gave Kendall a divine vision about a slit eyewear, but he did nothing about it for 40 years.  He thought surely someone would invent a solution to block overspray from getting into painters eyes.  Kendall waited patiently, until 5 years ago he felt a very strong urge to start developing the divine inspiration.  

Today, Kikuyama through PROBLOCKER™ Spray Eyewear presents, the NINJA™ Spray Goggles that consist of a plastic frame with an open viewing slit in the center of each lens. By sealing the air space around the user’s eyes, the goggles create a pocket of “dead air” that acts as an invisible air barrier to block out ambient paint overspray, allowing spray painters to see through the slits even if airborne paint mist is deposited onto the frame. The goggles can be used alone or worn over safety glasses.  We are committed to deliver to you an outstanding product that meets your Spray Eyewear needs.  For additional information, questions, and inquiries visit our contact us page.

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