Painters, finally a solution...

Painters no longer have to choose between protection
and productivity

ProBlocker™ overspray eyewear is designed to guard against overspray and allow the painter to see and continue to spray comfortably. The eyewear features plastic lenses with slits, wraps around the head, and conforms to the user's face. Trapped air within the Ninja™ spray goggles create an air
barrier in front of the eyes to resist the intrusion of outside air and airborne particles through the slits. This lets painters see through the slits even as airborne paint mist is deposited on the frame.

  • Trapped air guards against overspray entering the goggles
  • You see through the slits
  • Adjustable head band fits all sizes
  • No moving parts to manipulate during use
  • May be used over safety glasses
  • Disposable