Paint Overspray Market, December 14, 2013

Please allow me to introduce you to the “PAINT OVERSPRAY MARKET.”  This market may be very misunderstood.  

Spray painting is a process that produces paint mist from the jet of the spray gun. Spray painting is universally used in industrial fabrication, such as automotive production; the furniture industry; and in painting ships, aircraft, building structures and machinery; as well as in the residential and commercial construction industries. However, the drawback to spray painting is the out-of-control overspray paint mist from the spray gun. 

What is the criteria for the "Overspray Eyewear"


  • Blocks overspray from the painters’ eyes.
  • Does not fog-up while in use.
  • Does not require the painter to stop spraying to maintain clear vision.
  • Can be used with a respirator.
  • Requires little or no maintenance during use.
  • Enables continuous clear vision while spraying

Painters are furstrated with safety protective eyewear for spray painting because it requires constant stopping to put down the spray gun to clean off paint from the eyewear so that clear vision can be retained.  Continuous clear vision is paramount to a spray painter. For this reason, most spray painters do not want to use safety glasses.  

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PROBLOCKER™ Spray Eyewear, "Just put it on and spray until you’re done!" 

*Patent, pending in various countries.

A Second Generation Sprayman’s Vision

Kendall Kikuyama

Kendall Kikuyama's story

"I’ve been a painting contractor (Aloha Painting Company, Inc.) here in Hawaii for 37 years. I’m a second generation painter in the industry for 45 years. I watched my uncle spray oil paint and getting it in his eyes. He covered all but his eyes, the concept of "SPRAY EYEWEAR" was born.  

Being inexperienced with the patenting and manufacture process I figured, 'if I waited long enough company would bring a similar product to the painting industry.'  Years have passed bye and nothing was introduced to the industry.  I felt compelled to work on the slit eyewear concept because most sprayers were getting paint in their eyes.

I agree that all good safety eyewear blocks out overspray from the eyes very well, until, overspray midst quickly deposits on the lens and robs the individual of “Continuous Clear Vision” which is necessary for all good work.  At that point all eyewear, except the NINJA™ Spray Goggles, requires the painter to stop spraying to manipulate it in order to restore vision. For this frustrating reason, most spray painters don’t use protective eyewear when they spray.

The PROBLOCKER™ Spray Eyewear provides what sprayers are looking for in overspray eye protection: high performance and continuous clear vision without having to stop to manipulate the eyewear and decrease production.  Because we paint using our eyes, just vision is not good enough for the Ninja. 


How does the PROBLOCKER™ Spray Eyewear work?

The PROBLOCKER™ Spray Eyewear traps air within the goggles so the air carrying the spray mist just passes by the viewing slit because of an invisible air barrier created by the trapped / captured air in front of the eye.  The spray mist that accumulate on the outside of the eyewear will diminishes some peripheral vision; however, the painter will be able to continue working as they retain “Continuous Clear Vision” through the viewing slits.  Continuous Clear Vision is necessary for all painters because painting requires the uncompromised use of the eyes.  In my 45 years of painting, I have not met a blind painter, yet!

[ For Additional Reading: Click Here to View PaintSquare's Press Release About Problocker's Ninja Spray Goggles. ]  *PaintSquare is a online and print source for complete coverage of the protective and marine coatings industry. PaintSquares mission is to make your job easier and more efficient. 

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PROBLOCKER™ Spray Eyewear, "Just put it on and spray until you’re done!"  

*Patent, pending in various countries.

Eyewear from Hawa-eye-i

The Paint Dealer, October 01, 2013 Chris Mugler (The Paint Dealer - Volume 22 No. 10)

Since we were spraying paint, we thought it was a great time to break out the NINJA™ Spray GOGGLES from our Hawaiian friends at ProBlocker, Inc.  ProBlocker has been advertising with us (The Paint Dealer) for the last few months, but this was the first opportunity we had to put its goggles to the test.  Designed to keep the overspray from getting into your eyes, you would be hard pressed to find a better product to accomplish these results.

Two of our three painters wore eye glasses while painting.  Since they do a lot of spraying on the job, I asked them what they do about paint that gets on their glasses.  They said they have to replace their glasses three to four times a year because the lenses get so scratched up from trying to clean them frequently.  That is a lot of money they are spending on new glasses, so the NINJA™ Spray GOGGLES were of great interest to them!

Rick, who was doing the spraying himself, was the guinea pig, and he was very pleased with the results at the end of his spray days.  A heck of a lot paint made its way onto his lenses, which means a lot less cleaning and scratching - but it also meant he was able to see clearly for a lot longer while painting and he did not have to power down to clear the paint from his eyes or glasses.  Saving time and money is what pro painters are trying to do on the job.

*Written by Chris Mugler - The Paint Dealer - October 2013 - Volume 22 No. 10

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PROBLOCKER™ Spray Eyewear, "Just put it on and spray until you’re done!"  

*Patent, pending in various countries.


Five Minutes of Glory

October 02, 2013 By Jerry Rabushka

Say “nay” to overspray

There’s an old song called “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes,” but we’ll update it from 1930 and say “Paint Gets in Your Eyes,” which probably wouldn’t have printable lyrics at all. For one, you can’t see what you’re doing; for two, it’s not really healthy; but for three, without the right eyewear you can wind up looking like a raccoon.

We’ve mentioned the ProBlocker NINJA™ Spray Goggles before, but we know you’re probably not going to buy something unless it’ll save time or make life easier. So let’s pretend we have two painters side by side. One’s wearing the NINJA™ Spray Goggles, but the other is all rebellious like “When I was your age we didn’t have goggles!” as he dips his hand in a bucket of paint thinner.

“I presume the painter that used the NINJA™ Spray Goggles would be the happier spray-painter because he would have little to no overspray in his eyes,” says Kendall Kikuyama, the product’s inventor, who notes that under certain conditions some overspray can enter the eyewear. “The other spray-painter will have ‘raccoon’ eyes due to paint overspray because he used no eye protection at all,” he adds.

How much more productive? “The most productive spray method is to use no eye protection at all. Production wise, the NINJA™ Spray Goggles would be comparable to using nothing at all because no eyewear adjustment is necessary.”

How much happier? “One spray painter would have ‘raccoon’ eyes and the other would have peace of mind because little to no paint got into his eyes.” Raccoon or not, paint in the eyes is a bad scene.

If you’ve got “regular eyewear,” even if you have extraordinary eyes, you will still notice a difference throughout your day and throughout your spray, Kendall promises. Not only will you see better, but the end will be “in sight” sooner. Remember if you have just 12 gadgets that save you five minutes each, you’re done and hour earlier!

“The painter that used the Ninja SPRAY GOGGLES didn’t have to stop to clean or change or manipulate his eyewear to maintain his vision,” says Kikuyama. “He can still see through the viewing slits and keep his momentum. Air in the interior space of our goggles becomes an air barrier that creates air resistance against airborne particles entering the slit,” he explains.

“Safety glasses and other protective eyewear work well until overspray gets on them and start to decrease vision,” he continues. "When you can’t see any longer, you have to stop what you’re doing to fix the problem and some painters will be tempted to forego the protection entirely because enough is enough. Kikuyama tells us that these glasses do not comply with OSHA or ANSI safety standards and are not intended to be used as safety goggles. They can, however, be worn over most anti-fog safety glasses that do comply with OSHA or ANSI."

More or less, you’ll go through one pair a day, he estimates. It depends on what kind of paint and how much, but eight hours of spraying will usually mean it’s time to get a new pair.

By Jerry Rabushka

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PROBLOCKER™ Spray Eyewear, "Just put it on and spray until you’re done!"  

*Patent, pending in various countries.

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